5 Ways To Actually Make That Morning Workout Happen

1. Stop making excuses


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I get a morning in two to three times a week. It was very difficult waking up at first, but what really helped is telling myself that I was going to do it no matter what. I basically stopped making excuses. Then, it took a few weeks to get into the habit. Also, I’d remind myself of that awesome refreshed feeling after a morning sweat sesh to motivate myself. Lunchtime workouts disrupt the work day while after-work classes affect dinner plans, making morning workouts the best option.

2. Prep the night before


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I do everything from choosing my outfit to packing my gym bag accordingly. For instance, if I’m doing a calisthenics class, I’ll need my gloves for pull-ups. If I’m running, then my GPS watch and waist pouch will be within reach. This helps me save time in the morning and get the maximum amount of sleep possible.

3. Sleep early


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If I don’t get enough rest the night before, there’s a high chance that my morning workout is not going to happen, so rest is key. If I need to be up by 6:30am or so, then I’m winding down by 10pm, either by reading a book or watching TV, and in bed by 11ish. If you struggle to sleep early, start by moving up your bedtime by 15 minutes till you reach your new ideal bedtime. (Also Read: 10 Things to Do For A Good Night’s Sleep)

4. Treat yo self


It helps to have something to look forward to. If it’s a weekday, I usually get a cup of coffee to go from one of my favourite cafes on the way to the office. If it’s the weekend, then I’ll reward myself with a scrumptious brunch instead. (Also Read: 7 Affordable Brunch Spots In Singapore)

5. Find exercise that makes you happy


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I find getting out of bed way easier when I am going for a class I enjoy. I’m currently doing two types of calisthenics classes – one is more yoga-focussed. I like what I’m learning in both, and also find that the morning classes have fewer students, so I’m motivated by the fact that I’ll get more personalised attention if I turn up. When it comes to running, getting it done early feels good because it isn’t painfully hot.

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