Eat Raw Food To Improve Your Mood

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Few things affect our state of mind as profoundly as food. Women being propelled by some mysterious hormonal force to eat chocolate during PMS is one good example. There’s just something in that chocolate that makes us feel so good! Aside from the emotional ties around food, such as associating it with celebration or entertainment, there is also the physiological side that affects our mood.

We’ve all seen children throwing fits in the cereal aisles or at the checkout stand where all the sweets have been placed for impulse buying. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen such outbursts in the broccoli aisle. People crave almost instinctively comfort foods which are high in carbohydrates. The body immediately converts carbohydrates into sugar in the bloodstream upon consumption.

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Canned FoodConsuming processed and refined foods which contain large amounts of sugars, artificial ingredients and little dietary fiber renders the eater into a blood sugar nightmare. Even cooked starches that some consider healthy such as potatoes, rice and pasta are converted into simple sugars quickly in the body. This gives an immediate burst of false energy and a short-lived sense of well being. This is followed by a nasty letdown and what some call ‘self induced hypoglycemia.’

Following this “high” comes the letdown phase. This can make people feel exhausted, cranky and unable to focus. The body compels one to simply eat more of the substance that gave it that happy rush in the first place. Now we see how we get set up for addictions. Ever tried to be in a good mood, feel jubilant about life or get lots of work done when you are in the throes of caffeine withdrawal?

The main function of most antidepressants on the market is to enhance the uptake of that famous ‘feel-good hormone’ serotonin. When this brain chemical is low, people crave carbohydrates and comfort foods in order to get it. But if we learn how to nourish the brain properly, we need not suffer from nutrient or serotonin deficiencies. Consequently we can avoid the addictions that keep us bound to the constant highs and lows. There is a sound and foolproof way to accomplish this.


Raw food saladOne of the main reasons a raw vegan diet is so helpful in maintaining stable moods is due to the fact that there are no toxins or artificial ingredients in living foods. Moreover, raw foods are loaded with fiber to keep the intestinal tract and colon in tip top shape as well as clean.  There are also lots of people who claim a raw vegan diet helps with skin conditions such as eczema.

Consumption of foods that are high in fiber and natural sugars also eliminates wild roller coaster blood sugar swings. These swings are notorious for ultimately depleting our serotonin supplies. After a period of detoxification, which may sometimes be a bumpy road as our emotions are detoxified as well, the mind becomes clearer and sharper.

Better also brings an improved outlook on life. It can renew hope that other improvements are possible. When we begin to look better, perhaps losing a few pounds or our skin clears up, we definitely begin to feel more cheerful. On a raw food diet, our brain becomes cleansed and nourished, our senses sharpen and we begin to see the sun come out in our life once again. Won’t you join me in eating naturally?

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