Yoga for Abs – Quick and Easy Abs Workout

Today we’re looking at a speedy For Abs workout. This is a speedy abdominal wall routine to keep your abs in check.

This is something that you can do every day for a week to tone up your abdominal muscles. You can do this before or after another yoga practice or .

Yoga for Abs – Step 1

Start by sitting in a nice cross-legged position, bring the palms to the knees and inhale.

Next move in a circle from the hips. Push out your chest as you move forwards and bring your chest back in as you circle round to the back. Exhale, chin to chest.

Inhale as you outline a halo. And exhale around and back. Now keep this going, moving with your breathing and bring your awareness to the space between your navel, your spine and to your abdominals.

Reverse the circle, and see if you can go deeper. Change from just doing the movement to really getting a good full movement of the abdominal region.

This is also great for the digestive tract. Do a couple more rounds and you might be starting to really feel a connection to the center.

To finish sit up nice and tall. Inhale, draw the shoulders to the ears, exhale and drop them.

Yoga for Abs – Step 2

Next we’re going to get flat on our back. You can lay on a towel, a yoga mat or a blanket, it doesn’t matter. Just make sure you are comfortable. Take a second to just get situated, maybe drawing the shoulder blades in together and down.

Place the soles of the feet on the mat, blanket or towel. Then lift the tailbone up, laying from the tailbone, down towards the heels. Another way to think about this is tucking the pelvis, so that the lower back can become flush with the mat. Navel driving down to the earth.

We will now interlace the fingers and bring the palms behind the head. You can keep the thumbs extended. Keep the elbows nice and wide.

If the lower back has come up, bring your awareness back to the lower back, and push your navel down to the spine. make sure your back is still flat to the mat.

Breathe in then on an exhale, lift the shins. The shins can be parallel to the ceiling. If the lower back is straining here we can draw the knees a little bit closer, again, so that lower back can stays nice and flush with the mat.

Lets Get Started

Point and flex the feet. Inhale, exhale, lift the head, the neck and the shoulders up.

Now the elbows are going to want to come in, because that’s what we’re used to doing. Keep them nice and wide, again, creating space on our mats.

To avoid any tension in the neck, keep the extension through the crown of the head. You dont need it to be a big lift. A small lift is all you need. 

Lifting the chin slightly. Again, you’re creating space between the chin and the chest so there’s no pain in the neck.

Straighten the right leg so it’s at a diagonal. Then bring the right elbow towards the left knee. Remember to breathe here, in and out.

Then breathe in again and switch, left leg goes out, right knee in. Left elbow reaches to kiss the right knee. Breathe in, and breathe out.

Now we move back and forth in your own time, nice and slow. The tendency is going to be to rush it like bicycle. See if you can move nice and slow breathing In and out. Then transitioning through center, we move to the other side. In and out.

Transition through center on a breath. And one full breath cycle, in and out. Keeping the lower back flush with the mat. Lighting up the abdominal wall then back to center.

One more time on each side. This time we can reach the right fingertips across, wiggle the fingertips, and back to center. And last time on the opposite side. We’re going to reach the left fingertips across. And back to center.

Yoga for Abs – Step 3

Now slowly lower the legs down and bring the soles of the feet to the mat. Then we’ll send the legs high up in the sky. Keep the lower back flush with the mat.

We are then going to move with a pulse, reaching the fingertips up, lift the head, neck, shoulders – again, not creating any unnecessary tension in the neck.

Keep a nice open neck and nice relaxed shoulders here. So no tension or crunching , but lots of space.

Now we’re going to move with the breath on your own. We’re going to begin to pulse. Keep a nice extension through the crown of the head. And we pulse. And moving to the left side, pulse. Reaching towards the heavens. Back to center. And to the right. Back to center.

Time to Chill

Release everything down into supta baddha konasana. Arms and legs are mirroring each other. We take a second to chill.

I know that its a tough one but I hope you enjoyed our yoga for . It will really help to increase your range of movement and flexibility over time if you are a beginner. This is a great little workout to tone your abs that you can do before or after another yoga practice or workout.

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